When looking up where to stay in York there are many York hotels available in what is a beautiful and historic city, there are a significant amount of prestigious chain hotels since York is such a major hub. However whilst the many hotels York has to offer are excellent in quality you shouldn't discount a b&b York listing, as such a bed and breakfast York style usually comes with a nice home cooked breakfast and is incredibly hospitable. If you are looking for cheap hotels in York, or indeed any York accommodation you should use our search tool above. However we have selected a smattering of hotels in York that are often found in the top 10 and whose deals we find to be great year round. York apartments, a b&b in York, or hotels in York city centre, all samples of categories that you'll find in this list. York itself is stunning, it really is the pearl of the North with its historic architecture, walls and green scenery. It's like stepping back in time a bit and pretty whether in summer or winter.