There are numerous Cheap hotels Stirling has available year round, Stirling itself is a central city in Scotland and quite popular especially in summer because it is built in and amongst this beautiful fortress and medieval old town right in and amongst the centre. So a Stirling hotel is going to be situated nicely near all sorts of interesting historical locations, but also Stirling itself only has around 46,000 residents (or around 90,000 if you include the wider Stirling area).

If you're looking for hotels in Stirling the most prominent are the Premier Inn hotels, or the Holiday Inn Express hotels Stirling has, there are two Premier Inn hotels, and one Holiday Inn Express. We haven't actually included them on our list below but you can find deals on these using the search tool above if you so wish. The are always great deals on big chains because they have a lot of volume and are naturally keen to increase their occupancy. But also we tend to prefer showing you the older architecture on this roomapedia site, because we find all of the old architecture to be built quite beautifully and historically - and really that tends to be one of the big draws to these cities and locations anyway - after all it's the United Kingdom right? Why not stay somewhere historic and beautiful after all. For example a particularly nice one is the Hotel Colessio, which is the image featured below; the reception and dining areas are a little dated but the Suites are refurbished and very pretty and the exterior architecture with columns are quite striking. The building itself is quite stunning in general actually and so a real treat to bring someone if you're travelling with a friend, relative or partner.


hotel colessio stirling


What's really very interesting about Stirling is that it was once the Capital of Scotland. That was of course moved to Edinburgh later down the track. However there is a lot of history in Stirling. King James VI was crowned at the Church of Holy Rude in Stirling as King of Scots in 1567. "Holy Rude" might remind you of "Holyrood" in Edinburgh but don't confuse the two, the nickname and location of Scottish Parliament is indeed Holyrood, but in reality "Holy Ruid" comes from the anglicisation of 'Haly Ruid', meaning Holy Cross. Which is why various spellings and similarities show up around Scotland.

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Notable things to see at Stirling, given its heritage as the old Capital of Scotland, are the Stirling Castle - which has been refurbished and restored in 2011. That also includes the Renaissance Palace, as well as a Great Hall. Stirling is known particularly for the University of Stirling, alongside the Stirling Council they make up two of Stirling's largest employers. So that gives you a kind of idea for the local populace and the sort of place it is. A centre of learning, very much in the academic/civic grounding and way of thinking, with employment very much focused in the public sector; though this is fairly common in Scotland in general. In a 2009 survey it was discovered that the people of Stirling had the highest average earnings per week of anywhere in Scotland. This may have been surpassed since by Edinburgh however due to their tech startup push and new business founding right in the city.

There are a lot of heritage sites to view and look at. One particularly nice one is the Wallace Monument. This is a monument to the famed Sir William Wallace, who you'll probably recognise from the very historically inaccurate Braveheart film that plagues history teachers up and down the country. The tower itself was built in the 1800s during a Scottish National identity surge. It's in the gothic style so naturally looks very pretty and timeless. You should have a good view of it from most hotels in Stirling as well, or of course Stirling apartments if you opt in for one of the Stirling bed and breakfasts or self catering properties.

Wallace Monument

By and large of course the most historic part of Stirling is the Old Town. The locals call it the "top of the town", due to its positioning and elevation in Stirling. It was once the hub of trade and life in Scotland, there are plenty of Old Town defences and cannons laying about some of the trails through the town, so you can be sure to see a lot of unique history as you traverse through Stirling's heart. You could stay at a Stirling hotel within the centre itself - and if you follow the Old Town trail you'll happen upon the Smith Art Gallery and Museum. Also present in the city centre is a statue of Rob Roy MacGregor. He was a scottish outlaw turned folk hero. Sir Walter Scott famously wrote about him in his story "Rob Roy", and Liam Neeson played him in a film, incidentally the Roy in his name actually means "red", because he was a ginger - and apparently it was notable enough to earn him the nickname. Honourable mention of course since you're in Scotland is the Tullibardine Whisky Distillery nearby, which is located in Blackford. So consider making a daytrip there too if you fancy some lovely whisky on your travels.

Anyway enough about all of that, here is a lovely video that walks you through the old town of Stirling and shows you some of the prominent and striking historical architecture. You get a real sense of Stirling and perhaps it'll help you better inform your hotel booking decisions and let you work out where best to stay to be nearest to some of the attractive parts of the city.