Looking for hotels in Newcastle England? Newcastle hotels come in all shapes and sizes. These pages will give you a brief guide to Newcastle accommodation and assist you in finding cheap hotels in Newcastle Upon Tyne, boutique hotels Newcastle or even serviced accommodation Newcastle if that is what you are looking for. What about Bed and breakfast in Newcastle? Or even Hostels in Newcastle? There are plenty of Newcastle apartments available for short term lettings ideal for stag and hen parties which often frequent the city! The benefit of using a hotel comparison site like Roomapedia.com is that you will likely end up finding that some of the best hotels in Newcastle can end up being cheap hotels Newcastle too due to the promotions and offers available online that you might not spot if you were to search manually for 'hotels Newcastle' or 'Newcastle accommodation' whilst googling.

Newcastle is a popular stop on the list of those who are travelling around Europe and it meets this demand with many hostels and backpackers accommodation such as the well known chain and extremely popular Euro Hostel. You will find an abundance of small hotels and B&Bs that vary wildly in price. You will find very cheap rooms if you are prepared to do a bit of research but you should bare in mind that you generally get what you pay for. That being said, you will find some great small family run hotels too. Try the Jesmond area of town if thats what you are looking for. For those who prefer to sleep only in luxury surroundings, Newcastle does not disappoint either with some glorious hotels located right in the heart of the city.

Recommended Hotels 

Village Hotel Newcastle

Vermont Hotel Newcastle


Are you interested in a great night out in a city famed for a fantastic nightlife? Newcastle is a working-class powerhouse of a city, yet one of the greatest hubs of culture and entertainment in the United Kingdom. 

The nightlife is truly Newcastle's crowning glory as proven by The Rough Guide to Britain placing Newcastle Upon Tyne's nightlife as the #1 tourist attraction in Great Britain. It has also been ranked 7th in the world by Tripadvisor for it's nightlife. What more convincing do you need to visit this wonderful city? The main concentation of bars and nightclubs are located around the Bigg Market and Quayside areas of the city, with the modern new Gate complex opened in recent times providing many excellent venues also. A coat or jacket would be recommended as it gets very cold in Newcastle at times although the local 'lasses' are renowned for wearing as little as possible, even in December!

There are so many options for dining out in Newcastle. You are sure to be satisfied the many choices of cafes and restaurants, bars and pubs at very reasonable prices due to the geopgraphical location. Of course you have the option of luxurious dining experiences also. So whether it's a kebab or pizza after a few too many, or a glass of champagne to accompany that lobster with a side of caviar, you are never too far away from either option.



There are some fantastic attractions in Newcastle and the surrounding area. Far too many to name them all but we'll tell you a few to whet the appetite. Newcastle is home to the biggest science centre in the North of England which has a fabulous Planetarium within (I once took a girl to this very place on Valentine's Day).

You will notice quite quickly that Geordies are very passionate about their football team Newcastle United whose home is the fantastic St James Park located right in the heart of the city. One of the best stadiums in Europe, it can be seen from miles away (and heard, on matchdays) and is well worth a visit. Tours are available from as little as £8. They are also equally as passionate about their hatred for their local rivals Sunderland so perhaps best not to visit wearing a Sunderland shirt. 

Also visible from a very long way away is the majestic Angel of the North; a contemporary structure build in 1998. According to the designer Sir Antony Gormley, the significance of an angel was three-fold: first, to signify that beneath the site of its construction, coal miners worked for two centuries; second, to grasp the transition from an industrial to an information age, and third, to serve as a focus for our evolving hopes and fears. It's free to go see up close too!

A personal favourite is the Blue Reef Aquarium, located a short metro or bus ride away in Tynemouth. It is the ultimate undersea safari housing the largest and most impressive collection of marine animals in the north of the country.


There are several major shopping areas in Newcastle, the largest of which is Eldon Square Shopping Centre which happens to be one of the largest city centre shopping complexes in the United Kingdom so if you fancy some retail therapy then this is certainly the place to go. It is located in the heart of the city centre. Other large shooping complexes are the Metro Centre located in nearby Gateshead and Dalton Park Outlet Shopping Centre.

However in you crave a more personal shopping approach, there are numerous independant boutiques and quirky local favourites and of course the usual high street designer brands. There are fantastic savings to be had in the city due to the lower average income of the area so make the most of this.

There are many world class areas of culture to soak up in the city. Why not visit the Laing Art Gallery on New Bridge Street which houses an impressive collection of art and sculpture from the 18th and 19th century. It is free of charge to enter and with exhibitions, family friendly activities and artist hosted events there is always something that will hold the attention.

Perhaps a visit to the Theatre Royal which plays host for world class opera stars and ballet shows even the least cultured among us should be able to appreciate. It first opened its doors in 1837 and is one of only 9 Grade 1 listed theatres in England. Over 300 shows a year are performed so there is something on at least 6 nights a week.

The Metro Radio Arena regularly plays host to the super stars of the music industry. Playing over 40 concerts and hosting numerous other events, it is one of the finest arenas in the UK. Recent performers include One Direction, Adele, Justin Bieber and Rihanna. Get your tickets early though as it always sells out quickly.

Newcastle is the largest city in the northeast of England. The locals, known as 'Geordies' are notoriously friendly people. There is a great sense of comradery amongst the inhabitants of Newcastle and they are a very welcoming people so a good time is always had by visitors. Formerly one of the largest shipbuilding regions in the world, the dockyards of nearby North and South Shields are well worth a visit if you have a particular interest in maritime history. Recently rejuvinated by invesment, and stunning surroundings, the area now plays home to many corporate headquarters and cultural centres.

For a real insight into Roman military life, the historical site of Hadrian's Wall and Housesteads Fort is a must see for any visitor. Located near Hexham, the fort is the most complete one in Britain. You can walk along the wall and discover the past beneath the archaeological remains. The site is owned by The National Trust and guided tours are run often.