The vast majority of hotels in Edinburgh can be found dotted around the city centre just north of the University, and whilst it is very true that hotels Edinburgh offers are mostly situated in close proximity to the centre, there are plenty of b&b Edinburgh offers a little further out too that you might consider (and not just Edinburgh airport hotels for that matter) - you can find these using the search above. Probably the most famous Hotel is the Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh has right in the centre of the city. It's quite stunning, and 5 stars. But understandably it's also at the top price bracket for those who might want to find hotels in Edinburgh city centre. If you're younger, on a budget or feeling adventures then perhaps you might grab a bed at a hostel Edinburgh has available throughout the year. These can be especially useful at short notice during busy periods. Here's a picture of the Balmoral Hotel incidentally, gorgeous right? You should see it inside!

Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh

Keep in mind a usual trick is to ring hotels during peak periods like Christmas directly. Because they tend to lock their bookings off on accommodation sites when they start to get close to capacity, so if they're not available online, they may still have a couple of rooms to spare. There are plenty of cheap hotels Edinburgh can offer to travellers on a budget however, and if you use our comparison search above you'll fine a huge range of discounts and savings for rooms you otherwise wouldn't find on the web! Perhaps even consider a Bed and Breakfast Edinburgh is full of them, and B&Bs are often very overlooked when people search for hotels and accommodation. Perhaps that is why airbnb does so well? Who knows, but with so many hotels in Scotland and the outstanding beauty surrounding Edinburgh and the highlands you can take advantage of an enormous offering of discounts and deals for your trip.

Much like London there is a vast array of things to do in Edinburgh. It has similar quirky traditions too. In London the chiming of Big Ben denotes the marking of each hour. In Edinburgh however even to this day an artillery cannon is fired at 1PM on the dot. It's not even an old style cannon either, these days it's a full on military grade piece of artillery equipment:

Edinburgh One O'Clock Gun

 You can go watch this if you want to whilst you are there, it's called the One O'Clock Gun and so it should be pretty obvious what time it fires from and when you should be around to see it. But honestly you'll hear it pretty much anywhere in Edinburgh anyway. It is located at the Edinburgh Castle. But why does it exist? Well it dates from 1861, and the cannon used to be fired at this time in Edinburgh so that the ships in the harbour could set their maritime clocks to it before sailing out into the ocean. It fires 6 days a week, naturally not firing on Sundays because of the traditional day of rest. It also doesn't fire on Good Friday or Christmas Day. Otherwise you can turn up any day to watch. It's more or less a must do when you visit Edinburgh!

There are a whole lot of hotels near Edinburgh castle too, don't let the cannon put you off, it's all part of the charm. Plus the castle itself is beautiful and worth spending some time visiting. If beautiful architecture is your thing then Edinburgh also offers the Palace of Holyroodhouse. That's intentionally one word. But most people just call it the Holyrood Palace. It is the official residence of the Queen when she is in Scotland, however it is quite obviously not where she prefers to be in Scotland - the much more famous Balmoral Castle is Her Majesty's favourite spot in Scotland, and actually - Balmoral is a much more beautiful castle anyway, even if Holyrood Palace is lovely in itself. Of course Balmoral is in Aberdeenshire, so quite a distance away from Balmoral - so maybe less about that since this is an informational about Edinburgh.

Anyway Holyrood Palace (not to be confused with Holyrood - The nickname for Scottish Parliament which is located in Holyrood) is available for visits most of the year. The Queen really only spends about a week there at the beginning of each summer when she's in Edinburgh on official engagements. Seems a bit of a waste, but hey - it means there is a huge opportunity to visit the Palace and see all that is on display, most commonly they have a huge selection of outfits that the Queen wears or has worn in the past. So you can see a bit of fashion history when you're there. But it's not the only draw - the history of Holyrood Palace is dark and bloody. The historical apartments are there, where guests to Scotland stay, but they were also the apartments belonging to Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century. On the grounds there used to be an Abbey, this Abbey was founded in 1128 by David I of Scotland. Robert the Bruce held a parliament there, and a host of monarchs had pretty famous chapters of their lives there, include James II who was married there, born there, and buried there. The gothic look comes from James IV who build the big palace adjacent to the now ruined abbey. The whole structure was sacked and burnt by the Earl of Hertford. There is a lot more to its history spanning all the way to the 21st century but it would take far too long to write about, best to google that!

In April of 2016 there was an announcement of £10 million in funding from the Royal Collection Trust to redevelop the outside area, abbey and surrounds. So expect a nice learning centre, and completion of this by 2018. Finally there's also a ghost apparently - of a woman accused of witchcraft who was stripped, tortured, strangled and burnt at the stake - true or not, makes for an interesting story. Edinburgh is widely regarded as the most beautiful city in Scotland so it is an absolute must see. Find a hotel in Edinburgh today using our search and get the best possible deal for yourself.