Dover is very much the gateway in and out of Britain. The White cliffs of Dover famously adorn most tourism adverts and all hotels in Dover and B&Bs in Dover are quick to emphasise the beautiful views of the cliffs and the channel. Dover hotels are plentiful given the waiting period the amount of shipping that goes through the port, as well as holiday makers looking to stay over in hotels Dover has available to make the journey the day after or at the end of a long journey through from Europe to Britain.

Britain has always been famously a maritime nation, with £119 billion worth of trade through Dover port. Handling up to 17% of Britain's trade of goods.

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Dover in England is well known for its white cliffs that captivate tourists and visitors each year. Travelers also love its exotic seaside views, the various festivals and cultural activities, the local historical monuments and the crowded bustling restaurants. Dover has numerous famous dining restaurants and cafes that people love spending time in. The foodies love trying out different cuisines and soak up the delightful delicacies on offer, both international and national.

The following are some particularly popular restaurants that are not to be missed when visiting Dover.

Dino’s Restaurant: This is a fascinating restaurant run by a family which provides you an exclusive menu filled with Italian delicacies since 1977. The top quality food is exceptionally terrific in taste and is quite fulfilling. They make use of seasoned vegetables and the freshest ingredients and herbs in their cuisines to allow a memorable eating experience for the diners. The food is prepared by professional chefs who prioritize hygiene and flavours. The cuisines prepared at Dino’s restaurant are not rich in cholesterol and are free of all types of animal fat.

Dover Waterfront restaurant: Another remarkable dining place is the Dover Waterfront Restaurant, situated at Waterloo Crescent. It opens up to fantastic views of the surreal English Channel and during the day, you can even catch glimpses of France on the other side. Dover Marina Hotel Waterfront Restaurant is a contemporary styled dining place that gives you a relaxing and sophisticated vibe. The fuelling food is marvelous and finger licking good. People love their three course buffets filled with Asian delicacies on Thursdays whereas every Sunday there is a carvery lunch. Eating while listening to the pianist play harmonious tones does wonders to make you comfortable and cozy. 

The Allotment: An impressive restaurant, the Allotment has been serving the people who visit Dover’s 9th High Street since years. They have even featured on The Good Food Guide six times, which is one of the top most UK restaurants list. The Allotment has a unique decoration that makes you feel cozy yet urbanized. It has a bright interior and an open kitchen. The menu here is quite extensive and as unique as its style; you don’t get to eat the common cuisines here. it specializes in providing extraordinary seafood, meat and various kinds of vegetarian dishes.

The Pine’s Garden Tea Room (and museum): for an evening which offers you a delightful tour of the historical museum in Dover as well as a well managed garden, the Pine’s Garden Tea Room is your ultimate stop. It offers you a serene environment to have a delicious tea with homemade soup and quiche that is made with assorted ingredients. It’s an elegantly fashioned garden with a grass labyrinth and a hike trail along with a small lake for creating the most superb aura. It’s a marvelous place to have a light lunch and a traditional cream tea.

There are of course many other restaurants and eateries that you might consider on your trip to Dorset. But these are some of our favourites! Enjoy