If you're going to Cambridge there is a good chance that it is for one of two things, the first is related to some form of Graduation (and so you're looking for Cambridge hotels to stay in over night), the second is you're taking a break in the quintessential English town to get a view of high society old England in some form of tourism and thus are probably looking for Cambridge apartments or a bed and Breakfast Cambridge has on offer. Irrespective of what Cambridge accommodation you are after, there are a lot of options to choose from. Whether you pick hotels in Cambridge or a B&B Cambridge might offer - whilst plenty of hotels Cambridge has around town are chains, there are a lot of old, local hotels too. Because Cambridge is essentially a city that has sprung up around and central to the University, the University itself and those historically significant students that have come through its hallowed Colleges very much dominate every aspect of your trip to Cambridge, whether it is famous places they gathered (From Newton to the double agents who were infamously 6 prominent young men from Cambridge that became Russian spies, to Alan Turing and so on) - Cambridge is absolutely a place worth spending a few days in and travelling around. Keep in mind though that despite being a city, it isn't a particularly large or enormous place. So you will probably cover most of the items on your visit comfortably within 3-4 days. This city is stunning, but unless you're there for the tranquility and historical setting you will probably find there isn't a lot more to it after about a week.




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Cambridge is a city is on the River Cam in eastern England, the home of the famous University of Cambridge. Cambridge is home to among the world's best universities and has a great collection of buildings, varying through the 11th century to your modern time. A two-hour tour permits enough time to check out one or two, for the historic university colleges (of which there are many) such as King's, Queens', Pembroke or St John's. You would also see a good spread of the many of the other areas of great interest, for instance, the Old Cavendish Laboratory where JJ Thompson found the electron and Crick and Watson decided the structure of DNA and the historic Eagle pub with its much-visited bar designed for the Royal Air Force and US eighth Air Force. There’s something for everybody when it comes to entertainment in Cambridge. A choice of galleries showcases an awesome variety of art, from the contemporary to the classic, a buzzing theatre and performance scene presents drama, dance and family shows and you could enjoy all kinds of live music from internationally acclaimed orchestras and ensembles to touring pop stars, club performances, the world-famous Folk Festival, ever-popular Beer Festival, family-friendly Big Weekend and awesome Secret Garden Party festivals.


King's College Chapel Cambridge


King’s College Chapel is celebrated for its choral services along with the famous A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, program live by the BBC to the nation and across the globe on Christmas Eve. If you have an opportunity hear the elegant Choir of King’s College, you'll be enchanted. Choral Evensong is sung here most days throughout term time, as it's in various other college chapels all free and open to everyone. As well as the free to enter University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam art gallery, which has world-class libraries of art and antiquities spanning centuries and civilizations, and Kettle’s Yard, among the UK's best galleries and a major centre for 20th century and modern art, visitors will find a wide variety of artworks, sculpture trail walks and also galleries to appreciate.


Cambridge has one thousand years of history under its belt so having a guide to help you navigate it all is definitely a reasonable option. While walking around the cobbled streets and searching for  the city's elegant college spires, you’ll see how Newton and Darwin honed their analytical skills, where the first British chancellor, Robert Walpole and 14 other people after him discover the joy of debate and the place where a young Lord Byron first became raucous.


Do not think your guide will bog you down in just history, although; they’ll also make sure you enjoy the Cambridge of today, with a promenade around its famous market and a peek inside the colleges at the students who still study here today. Cambridge among those city names that you have likely heard of and easily think about the popular university. However, there is a lot more to find out this historical city.