Brighton is a stunning city which is located on the south coast of England roughly one hour's train ride from London and merely half hour an hour's train ride from Gatwick Airport. When you first set foot upon Brighton's train station situated right in the centre of town you will be able to smell the fresh sea air wafting towards you as soon as you get off from the train, and just about any Brighton hotels you stay in will have some view of the ocean.

Brighton is one of the best places for tourism. It is a compact city with a number of different things to do. People are always exploring the various tourist attractions on foot as well as via public transport. Brighton is home to museums, historical sites, colorful beaches and parks attached villages and picturesque landscapes. It's also known for being a bit of a left leaning green party supporting hotspot so there is a lot of emphasis on hipster culture and new and exotic food trends. Most hotels in Brighton will have some guidance so to where the best places to eat are so just ask when you arrive.

There are innumerable hotels Brighton has to offer, with capacities and facilities for a large group and or just individuals. You could stay at a B&B Brighton features plenty of them, that is to say a bed and breakfast Brighton property. Brighton apartments are also available for short term stays, or you can stay at a hostel Brighton features in town, the prices vary depending on whether you pick a brighton b&b or one of the boutique hotels Brighton has to offer. These various types range in price and luxury of course so it really depends on your budget so pick the bst Brighton accommodation to suit you. The food of Brighton is tastefully exotic and you’ll find restaurants that offer various kinds of cuisines. 

Brighton holds some truly magnificent tourist attractions that lure people from around the globe every year. Even the locals flock to these places during peak holiday seasons and lose their selves in vibrant and cheerful environment. People love travelling to the famous historical heritage site called Royal Pavilion where they learn about the Brighton history. They visit the Victorian aquariums to explore the underwater life, the vibrantly colored fishes amid clear waters. The architecture enthusiasts witness the Regency architecture while the nature lovers spend their time on the pebbled beaches. There are a number of beautiful castles, parks, historical houses, country houses, monumental forts and exotic gardens as well that add a rich beauty to this city.

There are various hotels in Brighton that vary in costs as per your requirement of luxuries. Legends hotel has a 5 star rating with excellent service, comfortable rooms, cozy ambience and friendly staff. It is a famous hotel that welcomes LGBT community guests warmly. It is close to the beach which is a perfect choice for a romantic stay. Another luxurious boutique style hotel is Blanch House which is also a 5 start hotel and is considered among the number one hotels in Brighton. It offers a variety of food and timely breakfasts. The rooms offer spectacular views and have numerous theme rooms like Moroccan room, harlequin room and renaissance room. Drakes Hotel Brighton, is yet another lovely hotel, best for a romantic escape from the hustle bustle of city. It faces the city and is worth every penny spent.

Brighton has some impeccable restaurants that offer a grand dining experience. People love spending their evening sitting in the cafes or outside, taking in the glamorous atmosphere and sipping coffee while munching on delicious snacks. Others prefer dining in luxurious restaurants that offer delicious international cuisines, filled with unforgettable flavors. You can also spend your evening at pubs and bars along with your friends amidst dance and music. Some of the famous restaurants include GB1 Seafood Restaurant and Bar, Steak on Sea, Fifty Five at Una and The Market Inn.