Looking for hotels in Belfast? Belfast hotels are some of the most modern and popular in the entire United Kingdom. Here you will find some brief information regarding the hotels Belfast has to offer. If you want luxury or just a cheap room for the night, you will find either readily accessible. Most of the hotels in Belfast city centre have been refurbished in recent times to keep up with the modernisation of the city in general. In the past decade, Belfast has undergone a remarkable transition from run down, a bit delapidated buildings left so by the Troubles era which had tourism and investment at an all time low to a thriving city which Roomapedia recommends should be visited by everyone. A popular spot in Northen Ireland for travellers and backpackers too, Belfast hostels have increased in numbers and quality. An ideal ocation to explore all of Northern Ireland, it is located very centrally in the country allowing for quick and regular access to the beautiful north coast and all it has to offer and fantastic transport links to the south of Ireland it makes for an ideal starting point on any journey. So whether its 5-star luxury or hostel Belfast has you covered. use Roomapedia to find the best deals on all of these (either through our search tool above, or by sampling some of the hotels on this list to get great cheap bargains)


Belfast City Centre


Eating out has to be one of the greatest pleasures in life. It’s also the one activity that any visitor to a new place must experience at some point. There’s nothing like a new city, new restaurants and new dining experiences. For a city the size of Belfast the options available to eat are abundant. The city offers everything from fine dining, brasseries and bistros to gastro pubs, cafes, coffee shops and some of the best food and drink deals around. Have we whet your appetite? I thought so! Check out La Scala in the east of the city or enjoy beautiful views of the River Lagan from Sonoma, a spacious and modern city centre restaurant.

Now you can't come to Ireland and not indulge in some of the pubs and clubs Belfast has to offer. It may be a stereotype that the Irish enjoy their whiskey and often drink a little more than they should, but it is an accurate one (trust me, I am Irish myself). People are out in large numbers most nights in the city, sampling the best of what Belfast nightlife has to offer. Why not have a little boogie at one of the city's nightclubs or relax and unwind in a modern smart and stylish bar? But even if dont, you must certainly visit the more traditional and historic locations at least once. The Crown Liquor Saloon is a perfect example of such a place. First opening in 1826 it is now owned by the National Trust and when you enter you will see why. It is both priceless and ageless and regarded as one of the best bars in the world. Yes I said world! If you are truly after the Irish experience and want a bit of fiddle-dee-dee music then check out the Garrick, one of the oldest bars in Belfast!

The Garrick Belfast

A little tip..... One rule that should be followed in any Belfast pub (actually any pub in Northern Ireland) is that under no circumstances should you start a conversation about politics or religion due to the fragile history which still bubbles under the surface today. Seriously, don't ask, don't tell. You never know who you're talking to. It's a lovely place and the people are incredibly hospitable, as long as you stay away from these topics.

From the origins of the Titanic to Belfast's iconic city hall and everything inbetween, you’ll find a treasure trove of historic landmarks and great attractions. Again there are far too many to list so we will give you a run down of a few and let you discover the rest for yourself. Who knows what you will discover?

Belfast most impressive and newest tourist attraction is the Titanic Quarter which houses a brand new museum which is fantastic for all ages. With interactive videos and historical artefacts everywhere, you could lose yourself in the information and wonders it has within. Of course everyone is familiar with the Titanic sinking story. Fewer people are aware that it was built in Belfast and you can also visit it's birthplace in the Harland and Wolff shipyard. The two large cranes Samson and Goliath are a wonder to behold.

Right in the heart of the city is Belfast City Hall, one of the most impressive buildings you could ever hope to lay eyes upon. Free public tours are run everyday where you can learn about the history of the building and Belfast itself. In the evenings it is illuminated in many different colours and a variety of combinations which show off the beautiful architectural features.

Titanic Quarter Belfast

Ireland is famed for it's breathtaking scenery and located just at the edge of the city is the glorious Cave Hill Country Park. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Belfast from vantage points on the hillside while breathing in the fresh air and trying to come to terms with such a sectular scene. Such is its beuty it has been the location of many film and tv shows, most notably Game of Thrones, who regularly film there (remember the scene where Daenerys is surrounded by Dothraki horsemen and they ride around her in a circle? Yes sir that's Cave Hill). In fact there are about 14 or 15 locations in Northern Ireland where they film and you can arrange a tour of these locations and even get to sit in the iron throne.

Shopping In Belfast is a very special experience. It has high street stores, designer boutiques, family owned businesses, markets and the incredible Victoria Square and CastleCourt shopping centres all within minutes walk of each other. Victoria Square has over 50 shops cafes and restaurants and is considered one of the most luxurious shopping destiations in Ireland and the UK.

But if you want a truely unique Belfast shopping experience you have to visit St George's market. Built in 1896, it is an attraction in itself and hosts markets on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and is one of the most popular places for tourists. With up to 250 market stalls selling a diverse range of products from Atlantic shark and zips, to antiques and fresh fruit, t was named the UK's Best Large Indoor Market 2014 by the National Association of British Market Authorities.

St George's Market Belfast

Belfast has got so much art and culture it is coming out it's ears. For historical reasons you will find many walls adourned with murals showing their support for one important faction or historical figure on both sides of the religious divide that once brought Belfast to its knees by terrorism. Thankfully things have improved but these etchings have become part of the culture and serve as a potent reminder how how things once were.

Belfast is Music City. Classical. Traditional. Rock. Blues. Jazz. Country. But what really sets Belfast apart from other cities is that their music is ‘of the people’.  From Van Morrision to Snow Patrol, Belfast is the happening place to be. The Oddessy Arena plays shows from international superstars of music and recently hosted the MTV European Music Awards with many artists saying how much they loved the city and couldnt wait to come back.

You'll find plenty of museums as well. The Ulster Museum is a fantastic tribute to the history of the province but also has excellent exhibits from all over the world such as Egyptian mummies and full dinosaur skeletons as well as modern artistic masterpieces.

The Ulster Museum

You could fill several libraries with the history of Belfast. Unfortunately you could fill several morgues too! In the early days Belfast blossomed and became Ireland's premier industrial city, becoming world leaders in the production of linen, rope and most famously shipbuilding. As mention earlier, the Titanic was built here by Harland and Wolff which in their prime employed over 35000 workers.

But the more well known history is the civil war that lasted from 1969-1998 known as The Troubles between Catholics and Protestants. Bombings, murders and street violence formed a backdrop to life during this time. Over 1600 people were killed as a result of this political violence but thankfully it has all calmed down since then. Since the city became a much safer place, Belfast has enjoyed a long period of rejuvination and investment and is now a modern city in a primarily peaceful state and is waiting with open arms for you to come and explore!